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Updated: Jun 11, 2018

"A pass through Italy"


Through my travels in Europe, hiking in my town or watching my kids play, I am feeling inspired all the time. This image above is from an international page on Instagram that I follow. I have never seen the country side of Italy, but this picture spoke to me, and I wanted to draw it and add my own flare to it. I have realized I don't need to recreate something to have it look exactly like something I got inspired from, but to help myself explore something within that will allow me to feel free to create something different and unique.

This image is from a picture I took of a log that has been in the same spot in this lake for as long as I have lived here (24 years!). I have always wanted to draw it and it took years for me to just do it. I sketched it first and then realized I wanted the picture to have some color to it, to help bring out the log and the tree that intrigues me.

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