One of our favorite ways to nurture each other and ourselves is through essential oils. Having had really sensitive skin, and have tried so many different products and other solutions, only to find that nothing worked except essential oils combined with coconut oil. Within a week, I noticed a huge difference with my complexion right away. From the positive results, I started trying different essential oils for sore muscles, colds, exhaustion and so on...My family and I have been very pleased with the results we have had. I highly recommend exploring the world of essential oils and see what works for you and your family!

  • Why Young Living and not the cheaper ones from Amazon? Young Living is the leader in the essential oils movement and as they say, not all oils are created equally.  With YL’s “Seed to Seal” standards you can rest assured your family will be using the highest quality product without ANY dilution or chemical additives. This is really important because you are breathing in these oils on a daily basis. Also, think of the essential oil as the immune system of the plant. It supports the growth and life of the plant from seed to flower and what we are getting is the distilled oil to use for our benefit. For more information read here.

  • Okay, I want the oils, what do I do from here? If you’d like to get involved with oils, it’s best to sign up as a member and purchase the starter kit. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELL OILS OR PURCHASE MONTHLY OILS AS A MEMBER. It just means you are getting a starter kit for more than 50% off & will get 24% off retail prices on every oil, forever (totally worth it!). SO to sign up, 

  • and make sure the number 16686270 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields and choose wholesale member.

  • How will I know what to do with my oils once I get them? With your starter get, you’ll get plenty of learning materials including an encyclopedia of all of YL’s products and the most frequent uses of the oils. You’ll also be invited to a private wellness group on Facebook and can follow along with me on my journey of discovering essential oils on my Instagram @huxfordrose! I also send welcome kits right from my home to each person who signs up with me, and that includes all the ways you can learn form me!

  • What should I get? I recommend starting with the premium starter kit (like I did).  This will give you 11 of the most common oils and a diffuser (there is a standard diffuser model for free with purchase or you can upgrade to others available on the site).  The best part — the starter kit gives you about $360 worth of product for only $160!! From there you can always add more, but it’s the perfect way to jump in and start learning!

  • I think I’d like to sell oils with you… Cool!! When you sign up, you’ll get an email from me that contains all that information 

Here is a video of how to sign up in case you need help!!

 If you have any questions or would like to speak with me about anything related to oils, please email me at